PH‑BOA8‑C Power Boot Boa System 8.0 Boot, Color Coyote - POWER HIT

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• The boot is tested according to the standard in ISO 20347: 2012.
• Test reports are subject to the above standard.
• Boots must be available in the following size range;
• Size 5-15 in American number.
• A half pair size 7 MX / 9US, weighs approximately 640 grams ± 5%
• The leather used in the manufacture of the boot must not burn, rot or show similar damage. Should not
have been damaged by heat, fire, or resulting scarring
• The liner should be made from black polyester mesh laminated to 4mm open cell foam with 20g of
Tricot fabric backing. This coating must be treated with an antimicrobial agent.
of scratches or cuts.
• Leather parts must be made of leather covered with chrome-tanned polyurethane (PU) with a thickness of 1.6 to 1.8 mm.
• The upper mesh must be made from a polyester mesh laminated with vinyl acetate foam of
2mm Ethylene (EVA) with a 20g tricot backing. The upper mesh must be black.
• The collar mesh is made of 1.5 mm polyethylene (PE) laminated microfiber.
• The boot must have a BOA micro-adjustable fit system.
• The toe must be a 1.5 mm die-cut thermoplastic, with a semilunar shape, inserted between the upper part and
the lining.
• The heel counter must be a 2.0mm die-cut thermoplastic inserted between the upper and the lining.
• All the thread used in the sewing must be 3 layers of black nylon 6 anti-fraying with 3 kg of resistance.
to tensile and 60-100% elongation. All seams should be double row with 8-10 stitches every 25mm.
• Tongue must be made from polyester mesh laminated to 2mm EVA foam with 20g fabric backing
• 10mm open cell foam should be provided throughout the tongue for added comfort to the wearer.
• The tongue must be provided with a loop made of 12 mm polyester tape to
hold tongue centrally on foot when worn.
• Alliance stitching is used in the heel and toe areas to complete the lacing process.
• The midsole must be compression molded ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). Hardness 40 ° ± 3 Asker C.
• The outsole must be compression molded rubber. Hardness 65 ° ± 3 Shore A.
• The heel area of ​​the outsole should be angled to ensure riding comfort.
• The toe area of ​​the outsole should incorporate angled grooves to aid grip when climbing close
of links.

• The front area of ​​the outsole must include an area of ​​semi-curved grooves to improve grip, particularly-
mind in humid conditions.

• The insole is made of an EVA base layer at 40 - 45 ° Asker C and with a thickness of 5 mm. The template is
covered with a polyester mesh adhered to the upper surface.
• The insole is treated with an antimicrobial finish.

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