At Power Hit, we specialize in the development of protective equipment and equipment for law enforcement. We work passionately to perfect protection systems and to innovate in the development of new technologies for all those who are dedicated to protecting us every day.


To be the leading company in the commercialization and manufacture of equipment for law enforcement.


Society. Promote the culture of security in the world by revaluing the forces of order within the legal framework.

Customer. Protecting who it protects through products and services of supreme quality.

Shareholders. Seek to fulfill the passion of being leaders and generate the satisfaction of dominating a market segment.

Staff. We turn our words into actions, which is why we offer growth in a healthy environment and provide the necessary tools for its development.


  • Passion. It is the constant thirst of people for perfection in everything, taking the best that exists and surpassing it, and if it does not exist, creating it.
  • Service. Advice to the client in a disinterested and creative way, offering the best quality in the attention and in our products, always looking for the supreme satisfaction.
  • Honesty. We are consistent with what we think, say and do; Turning our words into actions. We accept our mistakes and successes by learning from them. We are transparent with POWER-HIT, customers and the environment to build trust as part of the safety culture.
  • Teamwork. We are a group of experts who, through the strategies agreed upon and/or delegated by our guideline, determine, communicate and have assigned specific functions that in synchrony, harmony and cooperation seek the achievement of our objectives to achieve our goals.
  • Responsibility. We have the ability to respond to the different situations that are presented to us, assuming the consequences of our actions.

Our history

  1. The materialization of an idea.

Due to the increased interest in sales and after an analysis throughout the Mexican Republic advising law enforcement on the purchase of weapons, cartridges and company product models, our director began to offer a product catalog in Spanish. of accessories and protection with quality products and fair prices.

  1. vision of greatness

Through the commercialization of quality products and with recognized brands, the culture of safety in Mexico began to be cultivated with our slogan: "PROTEGIENDO A QUEIN PROTEGE"

  1. Forging the future.

The National Security Council took the specifications of the business catalog as an example for the elaboration of the manuals for the application of the resources destined for the restructuring of the federal law enforcement agencies.

Some of the modification programs for the resources to states and municipalities were the following:

  • Municipal Security Subsidy (SUBSEMUN)
  • Creditable Police Subsidy (SPA)
  • Contribution Fund for Public Safety (FASP)
  1. ISO certification.

To be able to participate in tenders, one of the requirements was to have ISO 9001-2000 certification.

  1. Bullet Shop

The protective equipment store for law enforcement, the largest in Latin America, opens.

  1. NIJ certification

The level IV ballistic plate is certified by the NIJ (National Institute of Justice) of the United States.


With a strong restructuring, national and international products are currently marketed to clients such as the Secretary of National Defense, Secretary of the Navy, Federal Secretary of Public Security, Secretary of Public Security of States and Municipalities, in addition to 17 countries around the world.