M801330-C - Bota Uniforce 8.0

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1 BLACK NAPPA LEATHER: Pigment-based and engraved finish, high resistance to tearing, grain rupture and excellent% elongation, meets and exceeds quality standards.


ANTI-SLIP LEATHER 2 MATRIX: Leather with a synthetic finish, vulcanized with a rough texture, with great properties for safety footwear. This leather complies with the ISO 20345 and ISO 20344 standards, as well as different tests such as resistance to water, abrasion, bending, tearing, among others.


BLACK LONDON INTERNAL LINING: Smart lining made from polyester and nylon, which give it thermal properties so that the user's foot does not lose heat when temperatures are low and provide a cool environment inside the shoe when temperatures are high


DUTY 357 Double density sole, the upper part of the sole (midsole) is processed in Phylon composed of E.V.A. which makes it comfortable, flexible and light, with very good shock absorption properties; The floor or skate of the sole is made of vulcanized rubber, good resistance to abrasion and tearing.

THERMOFORT Buttress and thermoplastic made up of two fabric supports, one on each side and inside it has a plastic laminate. This offers an excellent reproduction of the last, glued and easy to apply. Support based on polyester fiber and plastic material.

STEEL EYE K-19 This product is ideal for use in the textile and footwear area, made of steel with a black-blue finish.

CELFIL PLANT Polyester fiber sole designed for footwear with high quality performance that provides rigidity, dimensional stability and flexibility.


Biomechanically designed to evenly distribute plantar pressures, absorbing the impact when walking or standing, made of micro-porous materials

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