191233-002 Charger Holder 3 Spaces, Color Black, Condor

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Condor Kangaroo Mag Pouch Gen II Double Case . Its ingenious design allows you to carry two magazines in each bag, one for M4/AR15 and one double for pistol , placed in separate pockets mounted on top of each other. This saves valuable space on your tactical belt or tactical vest.

Both pockets have a drain hole at the bottom secured with a metal grommet. An AR magazine is secured with a flexible bungee cord , while a pistol magazine is secured with a closed Velcro flap .

The pouch attaches to your gear with MOLLE-compatible snap hooks , held in place by a laser-cut panel.

Features :

  • Case for three AR magazines and three pistols
  • Each magazine has a separate pocket.
  • Drainage holes at the bottom of each pocket.
  • Magazines protected from falling out by elastic bungee cord or Velcro flap
  • Standard MOLLE webbing for easy mounting.
  • Not compatible with PMAG Gen 3 magazines
Technical specifications :
  • Size: 230 x 110 x 50mm
  • Weight: 302g
  • Black

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